Lacie Roth

Licensed Broker Assistant

Seattle-West Seattle

Windermere Real Estate/Wall Street, Inc.

4526 California Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98116

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Office: (206) 935-7200

Mobile: (206) 612-6127

Fax: (206) 937-6574





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Knowledge, Guidance, Trust

Buying or selling a home is exciting, but can be overwhelming and scary! I help make the process work smoothly by keeping my clients informed through every step of the process, and helping them explore all the options.

My Clients: Buyers

I specialize in guiding first-time home-buyers to a home that fits their needs and their budgets. I begin by spending time with each client to make sure I understand exactly what they want in a new home and setting up an individualized search. This makes the search more focused and less time-consuming for the buyer. I also help potential buyers understand the market trends in the areas they are searching, to be certain that they are getting the right home at the right price.

My Clients: Sellers

I work with sellers to ensure their home sells when it needs to be sold! I help my sellers understand the market in their area, to find the right price for their home. Then, using the marketing tools at my disposal, my listings are made available to a large number of potential buyers. My seller's can even check the internet traffic to their listing to see the number of potential buyers who are interested in their homes.

Persistence and Patience

I take my clients and their needs very seriously. I dedicate myself to my clients and want them to be happy now and in the future!