Elle Usher


Seattle-West Seattle

Windermere Real Estate/Wall Street, Inc.

4526 California Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98116

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Office: (206) 935-7200

Mobile: (206) 714-4938

Fax: (206) 937-6574



Website: http://www.elleusher.com


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I have a passionate, and heartfelt desire to serve my clients’ best interests. I am dedicated, honest, loyal, and committed to finding the perfect fit for my clients. Excellence and exceptional customer service are of utmost importance to me. I understand what it is like to stand in my clients’ shoes. Having relocated several times, and across continents, buying and selling my own homes, I am sensitive to my client’s journey. While the process of selling, buying, and re-locating can be stressful; I focus on making the transition as smooth, and stress free as possible by getting to know my clients, and meeting their needs.

I have been living in Seattle for 16 years, after having lived in Namibia, Cape Town, and Johannesburg, South Africa. I love travelling, and have visited many countries and continents around the world. I especially enjoy going on a safari in the African wild. I love meeting new people, and trying new restaurants. I like to keep fit and active, and enjoy the outdoors.