Desiree Loughlin

Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR),Accredited Staging Professional (ASP)

Seattle-West Seattle

Windermere Real Estate/Wall Street, Inc.

4526 California Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98136

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Winning in this market requires excellent representation. Buyers need creativity, experience, and confidence. For sellers, a small error in any phase (staging, house prep, marketing, multiple-offer negotiations, etc.) leaves money on the table, often more than an agent’s commission. Sure, any house can sell, but every house does not get top dollar. Scarce inventory and fast appreciation make the right representation absolutely critical.

I have practiced real estate in Seattle since 2001. I haven’t seen it all, but I have seen many “once in a lifetime” complications. Every transaction offers unique insights into opportunities and avoiding costly roadblocks. The value of this accumulated expertise cannot be overstated.

These are a few enduring traits that my clients have come to expect:

  1. Command of the market. I am among the most active, top-producing agents in the area. This experience has given me a keen sense for home values. What is special? How rare? How much do people want it? What will they pay? I take great pride (and invest great energy) in identifying a home’s price range and pricing strategically.
  2. Direct communication. Responsiveness and clarity are central to my business. This market’s are complicated and fast-paced deals require good communication. Together we will figure out the balance, which will be marked by responsiveness and clear expectations. (And good humor;) 
  3. Meticulous Execution. There is no substitute for hustle and follow-through. We get things done. I have built a sweet team of pros to address every contingency. We are committed to providing excellent, detail-oriented service from start to finish.
  4. Winning Negotiation. Confidence and command of the market is key. Evidence-based pricing is the foundation. I also have a background in legal mediation, so I analyze and leverage the entire range of interests that matter. Good listening creates a lot of openings for solutions.

I take pride in being a smart successful businesswoman as well as a fun-loving, belly-laughing, and empathetic human being. I have built my business on relationships; my goal is to be an “agent for life” which means that no immediate sale is more important than the long-term interests of my clients. It also means that I have many friends who started as clients. Maybe you’re next?;)

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