Desiree Loughlin

Managing Broker,ABR,ASP,ALHS

Seattle-West Seattle

Windermere Real Estate/Wall Street, Inc.

4526 California Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98116

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Office: (206) 935-7200

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Our Story

Real estate is high stakes, emotionally and financially. It demands business and emotional intelligence. Our goal is to help our clients net the most money while also nurturing their home dreams and the community that we share. Are we a good match? Here’s what we’re about:

1. Clients for life. We serve our clients’ long-term interests. Often this begins with buying or selling, but we help beyond (or in-between) buying and selling. We inform remodeling and refinancing choices, price opinions, and other expertise. Maybe buying or selling is not right for you now. Agents with a focus on short-term commission cannot give that kind of advice. We are in it for the long term; what’s best for our clients is best for us.

2. The right agent matters. Home values exist within a range and then a million details converge (supply and demand, staging, marketing, negotiating, etc.) to determine the final value. We help you the achieve the best results within the range, typically netting more than the cost of the commission.

3. Flawless professional execution. Satisfied clients. Transactions can be complicated, fast-paced, and overwhelming. Our business is built on understanding our clients’ needs, educating them about the process, and keeping them informed. Skills and business systems that we bring to every transaction include:

Market expertise. Online data has made real estate more accessible, yet the avalanche of information makes experience more important than ever. Market value varies due to subtleties: neighborhood pockets, floor plans, and the distinct perspectives of buyers and sellers. We have a wealth of experience to apply to your situation.
Communication. The right amount of information is key. Our clients receive weekly reports as well as ongoing updates based on their particular needs. Clients that are not in active transactions receive semi-annual updates as well.
Problem solving & teamwork. We get things done. We are prompt and set clear expectations. We have a network of skilled pros for every real estate problem. Steep slope? Leaky roof? Old sewer line? Cantankerous neighbor? No problem is insurmountable if it is dealt with head on.
4. Win-win negotiation. 
Our culture mythologizes “hard ball” negotiators who crush their “opponents.” In our experience this approach kills deals. An aggressive early “win” often erodes trust later. We establish credibility by listening carefully, objectively weighing evidence, and employing creativity. We strive to understand the needs of both sides to capitalize on win/win opportunities.

Our Team

The best agents leverage the expertise of many parties.  Working efficiently with buyers, sellers, lenders, contractors, inspectors and others to adhere to strict timelines is possible because of trust built over time.  Agents that have reliable support networks perform better.

We have assembled an outstanding group to manage and serve our clients.  Our complementary strengths and aligned business philosophies make us great partners as well as friends.Together, we ensure timely action and complete coverage in even the most harried situations.  Our partnership balances our needs to occasionally travel or attend tee-ball games while continuously providing our clients with the best service.

The Agents

Desiree Loughlin, Associate Broker,  206.853.8218  |

Desiree has been real estate agent since 2001. She has helped hundreds of clients find homes that suits their goals and aspirations. She is a trained mediator and a skilled communicator who is especially good at identifying interests and expectations in order to set the table during negotiations. She emphasizes evidence-based housing market research and staging and listing strategies to get top dollar for her clients.  She prides herself on being an exceptional business woman who helps her clients make smart, timely decisions with confidence. She is an active West Seattle community member, supporting area schools, businesses, and nonprofits. Her clients say that her enthusiasm and humor goes a long way.

Kelly Malloy, Licensed Assistant and your new best friend, 206.755.5642  |

Kelly has practiced real estate since 2008. She approaches the business of real estate with a dedication to client care and support. Kelly’s background as a birth doula and massage therapist shapes her values around client service and needs. She is a trusted ally and a tireless advocate for her clients.  Kelly believes, “our homes are a reflection of ourselves and that realization should guide the entire process.”  She is at her best when she is connecting with people.

Support Staff

Rosina Geary, Transaction Coordinator & Client Care Specialist, 206-935-7200 |

Rosina keeps all parties organized and updated. She anchors the office and tends to details through all transaction phases. Rosina has a strong background in project management that keeps us all on track!

Joe Sullivan, Communications Specialist & Renaissance Man

Joe is a research analyst and writer. He assists Desiree, Kelly, and Rosina with storytelling, marketing, and behind the scenes systems. He likes evidence, data, and communications materials that clarify and simplify real estate. He is often blown away by what this team accomplishes.